Beauty Salon Marketing Plan

Beauty Salon Marketing Plan

The biggest challenge for any business is how to attract customers. This is even more the case for the service industry in the service industry because you have no product to show. That being a challenge, one has to be creative in coming up with new ways of marketing their service. One such service industry is the hair beauty industry which has grown in leaps and bounds. The growing interest in natural hair has seen the growth of natural hair salons.

Any business in the beauty industry e.g. the salon/saloon or spa either in Nairobi or elsewhere, may borrow from these simple yet very effective advertising ideas/promotions. These tips can also be included in a beauty salon marketing plan

  1. Perfect the art of customer service. This has got to be the strongest trick in the book. A salon is a repetitive client business, it thrives on repeat clientele; If a customer is happy, they will come back. If they are happy, they will not be easily swayed against you and they will suggest the other customers to you.
  2. Use social media. Take extreme advantage of social media. Facebook and Instagram are really powerful social media platforms for a salon. Instagram is really powerful for visual appeal industries where they can be used for two reasons: a) showcase your work and the services your salon provides b)showcasing clients’ experiences. These client experiences acts as a powerful testimonial.
  3. Add your location on ‘Google my Business.’ Believe it on not, ‘Hair Salon near me’ is one of the most searched keywords. Claiming your business and adding your location to it makes it easier for google to suggest your business to clients in your locality. Also if you use your social platforms frequently, you will rank higher than if you did not.
  4. Find a way of rewarding customer loyalty. Just like supermarkets, you have learnt that your service and the products can be offered elsewhere and maybe even at a cheaper cost. Learn to keep the clients you already have, be it by offering reward points or offering an extra service, choose which works for your system and adopt it.
  5. Create offers to promote off-peak sales. For some salons in Nairobi residential areas weekday sales are lower than weekends, while for some salons within the CBD its vice-versa. To promote off-peak sales, create different product or prize promotions that work to entice your clients. For example you can offer a discount on tips/gel polish to weekday clients if that is your off-peak season.
  6. To promote knowledge of existence, create partnerships. Partner with really unlikely industries such as the food industry. Offer to give their clients freebies as this increases awareness of your salon. Freebies give the customer a chance to experience your service/product for the first time and they potentially become a permanent client.
  7. Create a database of your own. In today’s world, information is power, collect it. Collect client’s phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your own. In a ‘dry’ month, you can reach out to clients and offer discounted rates to them. These customers can also be used to collect feedback on the services you offer and what you need to improve on.


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