Share content, it adds more value to you

Share content, it adds more value to you

For a very long time, professionals have been of the opinion that if you share your information pieces, your designs, your expertise then people will steal these ideas, and implement them, eradicating you from the equation. In the age of behance, google & youtube, this notion could not be further away from the truth. Below I will highlight a few practices that have helped me as a content creator and marketer; I

  1. Disseminate content regularly

Practice is like an exam, when you know the answer to a question, you write it down. You explain it the best way you know how. There’s never a moment you stop and think that the teacher knows the answer, never. You write your answer, in some instances even draw your answer, same concept applies to content creation. The more MEANINGFUL content you share, the more an authority you are.

2. Reach out and connect with your network

We all know the value of surrounding ourselves with people whom we share a common interest with, yes? Reach out to different people within your space of expertise because the value of networks is immense. You learn a lot from them, just as they learn a lot from you. They also refer you to their friends and to other clients. If you have you ever heard that you are three people from the person you really want to meet, then you know the value of networks. I have personally reached out to people, who are not even in my network by use of LinkedIn. LinkedIn premium allows me to write direct messages to people not in my network you should try it too. What’s the worst that can happen, they will not connect or they will say no to your proposition? Nothing worse can than that.

3. Be a good story teller

Everyone loves stories. It’s why we read books and watch movies, it’s why we maintain social interactions. It is an almost social need. To be a good content creator, you have to be able to tell a story using words, pictures or other graphics. Learn the art of telling great stories that help the brand grow while resonating with the target audience of the brand. Evoke emotions in your story because people buy how the product makes them feel rather than the product itself.

4. Never stop learning

I think this should have been number 1. Technology changes, so should you. Today’s consumer wants information on the spot ‘chap chap.’ Find a way of giving it to them quickly. They also want information conveniently, find a way of communicating that way. There’s always a new tactic, a new/better communication style and so on…. Keep yourself updated, it is very important. Learn new technologies, learn what is trending, learn why it is trending and why, Do not however be caught in the web of spending too much time learning a new software, most times, old technologies still do what we want them to do, and no client asks what software did you use? ‘Did you use cc or cs 6?’ As long as the design is clear and it meets what they want, the client more often than not, doesn’t mind.

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