Tips for small businesses on how to boost sales with Facebook

Tips for small businesses on how to boost sales with Facebook

Social media, especially Facebook in Kenya, has been around for a while now with many people using it for both personal & business reasons. Their algorithm has however changed ranking content from friends higher rather than from businesses, a feature that has seen many businesses receive less of interactions from their followers and fans. Just like any other business, Facebook is optimizing paid adverts over organic adverts. Knowing this, how do you still effectively advertise on Facebook?

  1. Plan around your long term social media strategy

Understanding your long term social media strategy, and working backwards, enables you know what gap do you want social media to fill? Do you want to more page likes, more interactions on your post, more sales, more website views etc. Facebook gives you the chance to optimize whatever it is you want, so you need to figure this out (especially when you are boosting a post or page)

2. Create more meaningful content

People search for different things online but they always look for content be it jokes, cooking, shoes, cars, business you name it.  The more relatable your content is, the more people want to interact with it, the more they make you an authority or the more you set yourself apart from your competition. Creating meaningful content allows one to trend organically and Facebook will optimize it for you.

3. Learn how to use the Facebook Pixel.

Explaining the Facebook pixel will be covered in another post. The Facebook pixel allows you to engage in proper re-marketing e.g if you are selling perfumes, whenever someone visits a perfume site (your site or any other), they will start seeing Facebook adverts from you. These people are more likely to buy from you than the larger public.

4. Create more video content

In line with the new Facebook structure, which has a section for videos, making video content will work wonders for you and your brand. Always make the videos short, exciting/interesting to watch and content packed.

5. Promote your posts

Try experimenting with different types of content, messaging, imagery and times of day, and use Facebook’s built-in A/B testing system to see what can help stretch your ad dollars to the max.  With the new algorithm organic posts reach much less people bringing about the idea of promotion. You can have a small budget to ensure that content gets in front of your valuable customers and prospects. This however should not mean you shouldn’t post when you are not promoting. Constant posting creates a standard brand and flow of content.

6. Learn how to effectively use Business Manager

In line with no 5 above, to get the most out of Facebook & Instagram by extension, learn how to effectively use Business Manager. Business Manager allows you to:

  • Plan your advert around your objective. You can choose from the eleven (11) marketing objectives which range from creating brand awareness, to increasing video watches to optimizing conversions.
  • Create a custom audience or target different audiences based on their demographics, interests, age among others. Facebook even gives you a chance to target your competitors page.

7. Watch Facebook videos

Facebook as a platform grows and changes its algorithm every time. There is something new to learn and a new way to do things. Keep learning of simple tricks you can use to improve your business. These will go a long way even when you want to hire someone.

7. Optimize your Facebook page

Always fill out all information required as you set the page up. Avoid leaving blank spaces as they reduce your credibility. Also, because tabs serve as the navigation bar for your page, it is important to make sure they are well organized and improve the audience‚Äôs ability to find information. By optimizing tabs, restructuring their hierarchy and including or removing important tabs, you provide the user with a smoother experience.

6. Use Facebook for customer service.

Whenever we want to interact with a product or company, our first point of interaction as Kenyans is either twitter or Facebook. This is because we get personalized service, we get our issues sorted and we get it fast. Companies need to note that audiences expect replies within minutes and Facebook is the ideal on-the-go platform for customers whenever they want an issue solved, to complain or just say thank you.

”Whenever a client complains on Facebook, take your time to reply. High chances are you might have lost that customer, especially if there’s a competitor company or product, but future clients visiting the site, will see you took time & effort to remedy the situation, and that will count a great deal.”

In summary:

It is important to note, that communication on social media needs to be purposed. As a person or a business entity, you need to figure out what is the end goal of your social media advert, communication or strategy. You can’t just throw things onto Facebook and hope someone sees them and that translates to business sense.

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